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Mini – Theme Options

This is where you can edit the functionality of your theme and change the way it looks visually.


It is pretty straight—forward and simple to process with general settings and code integration.

  • General Settings: upload your own logo, back to top link, favicon, title separator (Meta Title), responsive, scrollbar, etc.
  • Code Integration: attach you own style sheet, jquery, custom css, and google analytics.
  • Performance: Minify HTML, remove query strings, and defer js parsing.

Page Settings

This is where most of the magic happens, have the ability to customize a lot of elements here.

  • Header: container, sticky, mega menu, search.
  • Portfolio: filter, count, animation, thumbnail, style, pagination.
  • Blog: posts per page, pagination, post, share icons, post tags, comments.
  • Contact: Google Map, Able to show our ajax contact form, with input fields for your own message sent, subject, and email address to be sent.
  • Footer: Social, widget count, sticky, copyright.

Style Settings

This is where you are able to change color, font, and background color of a lot of elements.

  • Typography: Able to change the size on practically all areas besides the content area.
  • Colors: Able to change color on practically all areas.